Give input to Danish filmmakers and get a chance to go to the movies for free

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What is the most fun way of going to the cinema free of charge?

Come join us behind the camera of the next big movie.

Quick and easy: Provide input from the comfort of your own couch

To take part in the Audience Panel, you only need to use the camera of your phone for 5-10 minutes per day over the course of several days when you sign up for a survey.

You will receive the director’s materials in the form of small excerpts from scripts, short videos, select dilemmas and visuals from the film. Watch the materials, share your experience of them by filming your response on your telephone, and so you will be off to the movies with free tickets or other film experiences. 
Each video takes a couple of minutes and is not shared with anyone other than the film crew. 


Inspire the next big movie and award winners

The Audience Panel only consists of: Audience. Not of film critics or filmmakers, but of everyone who likes to go to the movies sometimes.
The Panel gives you an interesting opportunity to share your experiences with some of the most acclaimed filmmakers. Most surveys are carried out while the work on the script is still ongoing, but you will also come across projects, where a pilot has been filmed or the film is about to be cut.

Each survey you participate in entitles you to free movie tickets or other film experiences.

Why do you have to film yourself?

The short explanation is that it is extremely easy.

We would very much like to hear your thoughts in detail, and even if you respond to individual questions in just a couple of minutes, it is much faster to create a short video than to write. Videos also make it easier for us to understand nuances and attitudes better than the written word.

We anonymise all videos. They are exclusively used for research and are deleted in their entirety after no more than six months — and ordinarily after a couple of weeks, depending on project. Read more about our data processing here or write us if you have any enquiries to


Your input is exclusively used for research and is deleted when the project you participate in concludes.

Read more about our data processing here 


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