The three-step process is fully facilitated by us and delivered within just weeks. A few well-planned meetings and presentations, along with an Audience Book, ensure a smooth introduction to the inner life of the audience and their interest in your project.


Vision exploration

By combining your creative perspective with our anthropological point of view, we identify the main themes of your story that will form the basis for our analysis. The themes that you find most interesting to explore with the audience are taken to the next step.
  • Your vision as a starting point.
  • Workshops to identify main themes.
  • Working from scenes, characters, visuals, pitches.


Zeitgeist analysis

By collecting, reading and listening to more than 100,000 localized online conversations, we can give insight into what emotions your projected audience associates with the themes in your script and your creative intention.
  • Analysis powered by AI.
  • Replace gut feelings with knowledge about actual audience behavior.
  • Map audience emotions and interests across target markets. 
  • Compare perspectives on story themes, historical persons and events, environments, genre content or core emotions.
  • Explore home market and foreign territory attitudes.


Narrative test

Spend six days with your audience. Ask them questions, explore how they respond to your themes and get the chance to test material, such as early-stage treatments, scenes, characters, visuals or pitches.
  • Participants are selected from an audience panel of over 6,000 members worldwide.
  • We analyze 400 reactions from the audience in each project. 
  • Respondents participate for six days.
  • Themes and dilemmas.
  • Story and scenes.
  • Characters and environment.
  • Visuals, pilots and movies.
  • Pitches and marketing.


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